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First, volunteers were randomly selected from a group of average people off the street. Then, scientists took blood from each volunteer

Penis Casting Kits 106 straight men made to strip naked, exposed and vulnerable, examined closer than any doctor!

Mold While You’re Bold ! Directions for Use. This molding kit has been designed as an adult novelty product for easy replication of your erect penis.

The winner, hands down, for keepsake casting one statue of any size hands in perfect detail, in a variety of different poses. Completely safe, non-toxic, non

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Read about the process, Check out the Instructions for the Face Casting Kit. Check out our Article on Pregnancy Casting and other Life Casting

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Being the originators of the “First Penis Casting System”, we pride ourselves in offering “The Best”. Time, thought and passion went into every aspect to

WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CASTING A DILDO FROM A PENIS. Facts on Penis Molding (Penis Moulding), and Penis Casting Casting a dildo directly from one’s own

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Love Spells and Spell Kits to help you find–and keep–your true love. Absolutely guaranteed!

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Powerful Love Spells, Witch Craft, Wicca Spells, and Money Spells. Absolutely guaranteed, or your money back!

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